Products made from fire clay, in various forms, have been utilized in construction over 5,000 years ago. Because of the increased use in various industries, as well as the growing cultural needs of the society, these products have been perfected over the years.

Brick, as one of the oldest products of mankind was used 2,500 years ago in Babylon, Rome. Even in Mesopotamia, brick was used in construction of towers and ramparts. In order to be secure from sudden floods, cities were erected on the earthen terraces and walls were made of stone and brick.

Later through the ages, the needs and implementation is spreading through France, England, Germany, Italy, Iraq and United States.

Through time and development in technology, there has been an improvement in production process and quality of bricks. Today anyone can buy a new and perfectly molded brick, unfortunately, there are few who can afford antique brick veneer, whose pieces are older than 250 years.

There was a time when one would hand-mold and then sun dry the brick, after which the brick would be baked in open flames. Today, thanks to Sertechnics manufacturer we are offering this antique brick veneer to the market.

Such original product is so rare for the simple reason that it comes from old demolished buildings of Europe, for we must admit there are not many of them left.

Antique Brick

Verona Fossil


Antique Brick

Roma Fossil


Antique Brick



Antique Brick

Corner Venecia


Antique Brick

Napoli Terracotta


Antique Brick

Corner Roma Fossil


Antique Brick

Palermo Massive Fossil


Antique Brick

Palma Nova Terracotta


Antique Brick

Modena Terracotta




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