SERTECHNICS EUROPE BBQs are made of vibro-concrete with the addition of an appropriate combination of additives and with the possibility of overlaying with rock. Owing to the above mentioned technology, SER BBQs are characterized with exceptional strength, and thus, durability.

The most important part of the BBQ is the firebox. Therefore, SER BBQ fireboxes are made of specially molded chamotte, whose design is functionally adapted to save energy sources (wood, charcoal, gas, electricity…)  Although chamotte radiates the same temperature, which is reached by burning fuel (which already saves energy), a distinct advantage of chamotte in SER BBQs is reflected in additional energy savings through its uniform distribution within the combustion chamber. Realistic upper threshold temperature that chamotte can survive, is 1100 degrees Celsius.

Number and type of additional components – such as stainless steel bars, roasters, caldrons, door (wood, wrought iron, tempered glass) and the rest – are chosen by a buyer. In accordance with the buyer’s wishes, a mini dryer can be mounted on the chimney of every BBQ, and for all models of both BBQs and barbecues, there is the possibility of making them in combination with a sink and wider worktop, along with dimensions adjusting in accordance with the customer needs. Eurobet also performs transportation services and BBQ installation services.

BBQ models SER130, SER150 rustic and SER2130 are intended for professional use. SER130 and SER150 rustic can be supplied in versions with one or two skewers, while SER2130 has an option for three skewers.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness and practicality of the BBQ, EuroBet provides its customers a choice of colors. This way, SER BBQs are easy to fit into the color scheme of each environment (interior and exterior).

SER BBQs are exclusive, highly functional and high-quality design, a prerequisite of real gastronomical satisfaction in your restaurant, home, villa, courtyard, garden…

BBQ dimensions

Roštilj SER60

Roštilj SER80

Roštilj SER100

Roštilj SER100 Rustic

Roštilj SER130

Roštilj SER150

Roštilj SER150 Rustic

Roštilj SERK60

Roštilj SERK130

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