Our Passion for Unique

Decorative antique brick veneer that are in our assortment are obtained by carefully hand selecting the brick that was made during the 1720 – 1955 period. From this brick, homes were built for prominent people and other objects which are especially prominent for its architectural appearance. During the demolition of these buildings, which did not resist the wave of new era in construction in Europe, we made sure that the materials remains in its original state, so that today we can offer you a quality product, of course adapted to today’s way of thinking in construction and architecture. Today in the 21st century when technology and science has progressed in all spheres of life, and when artificial materials are abundant, we have drifted away from nature and natural materials. Therefore, in our range of products, we are offering you something that had been hand made out of natural materials. We are proud to offer you a piece of history and architecture of ancient times on the territory of Europe so that you will be able to install part of the epoch in your homes or other buildings of different purpose.

We select the finest quality antique bricks

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