Pizza ovens Production programs

Classic pizza ovens
Rotating pizza ovens
Fireboxes for pizza ovens – intended for self-installation.

Basic characteristic of the SER pizza ovens:

  • Designed both for HOBBY and PROFESSIONAL use.
    Baking/cooking chambers (fireboxes) are made of fireproof material with a very high percentage of aluminum oxide, which makes them particularly robust and resistant to abrasion. Significant thicknesses of insulation provides for maximum efficiency.
  • Firing with wood, pellets or gas.
  • Short time required for installation – from a few hours to, at most, two days – depending on the type of pizza oven, chosen by a buyer, as well as the surroundings in which the oven is located.
  • Possibility of production in various sizes and styles (from modern, to rustic), as well as the possibility of setting up in a variety of environments (open, semi-closed or closed space, restaurants, private rooms, courtyards, terraces etc.).
  • Modern technology has brought together a considerable quantity of processed food and high quality, and enables rapid thermal processing, due to the balanced and efficient heat radiation (which is why all the food is baked/cooked at the same speed and temperature, if placed at the same time inside any type of EuroBet ‘s pizza ovens), along with obtaining fine traditional flavors of bread, pastries, Italian pizza, grilled meat and vegetables, roasted under the bell, etc., as in old furnaces fired with wood.

Sertechnics Europe pizza ovens models:

Classic pizza oven


Rotating Pizza Oven


Firebox for Pizza Oven


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