Supporta interior doors

The best for your interior

SUPPORTA is a new brand of interior doors with high quality and modern design. Using advanced technologies in the production process, with the help of local skills and knowledge, we have ensured high productivity and efficiency, and consequently economical quality. SUPPORTA includes aesthetic requirements of interior designers, as a line of modern and provocative decor and exquisite finishes. Functional and elegant, fit for all living typologies and different styles of interior decoration.

SUPPORTA line with its decors follows modern trends in space design. The magnetic lock of the minimalist design allows precise and noiseless closing. The original, organic design, in an unobtrusive way conjures up natural structures, and the unique pattern gives the impression of handmade doors.

The imperfection of natural forms, nature just makes it perfect.

The doors that will make your home unique.

In cooperation with Italian design houses, where special attention is paid to functionality and every detail of the design, but also to the overall aesthetic experience, SUPPORTA door is designed to be decorative to every area. They are made according to European standards, from the highest quality ecological materials of world-renowned manufacturers, which ensures stability of quality and, as the most important, customer satisfaction.

CPL foil is a high-resistance material that has excellent resistance to traces of use, so the doors remain as new for a long time.


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